Open & closures

Get as
first in
the door.

Which operators are opening their doors?


A better understanding of the open & close conditions within the restaurant landscape benefits you as you can focus on the right leads. We are seeing a declining foodservice landscape, so TAKE THE LEAD and GET IN THE RIGHT DOOR FASTER!

CHD Expert can give you leads months before they open


– based on Social Media sources like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Booking, TripAdvisor … 

– based on legal & government sources like Food Inspection 

– based on  input from our partners & tech companies in which we have invested 

The data is updated on a monthly basis, and we are best in class with an accuracy of 93% 

Take advantage of this and get in the door before your competition!

Other Product Solutions:

Increase Your Marketshare

Increase your market share with the CHD Foodservice Database and access over 8.5 mio global foodservice operators. Find the data that best suits your needs.

Increase your conversionrate

Increase your conversion rate and don’t want to waste time on leads who are not serious. So how do you filter through the noise to locate the best leads?

Prospects the right leads

Get in the right door faster. Have a clean dataset that is actionable, consistent and accurate. Match your data with our dataset, as restaurants are opening & closing all the time.