Access > 8.5 million global foodservice operators

The CHD Foodservice Industry National Database (FIND® )contains data records for 8.5+ Million different foodservice and hospitality industry operators across the world, within the Commercial, Non-Commercial and Retail markets.
  • Access the database through Easy2FIND® our SaaS platform
  • Find the right leads through the CHD FIND® database
  • Over 100 Market Segments in Commercial, Non Commercial and Alternative
  • Select from 160+ fields
  • Data is updated daily
  • Compiled from over 80+ sources
  • Secure and Safe Server Environment – AICPA SOC2 Certified
  • Global coverage 50+ countries
  • Unique Globale Foodservice Classification 



4 Easy Steps

1. Log in to our Easy2Find Foodservice Tool. 

2. Select your geography, segment and any operator attributes of interest.
3. Export your leads, and get all the needed contact information (latitude, email address, phone nrs…)

4. Target your customers by looking at their buying propensity by using our lead scoring model. 

Route To market

Specific Fields

  • Commercial, Non Commercial, Retail
  • #Units – Independent or Chains
  • Contact Details
  • Number of Employees
  • Menu Type (Full Service, Limited Service)
  • Average Check
  • Years in Business
  • Website
  • Annual Sales
  • Email
  • Annual Food & Beverages purchases
  • Credit Score
  •  Customer Status
  • Market Share %
  • YTD Case Volume
  • YTD Sales Volume
  • Last Order Date
  • Product Category Purchased

Best in class data
with an accuracy of

– based on Social Media sources & reviews like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Booking, TripAdvisor … 

– based on legal & government sources 

– based on  input from our partners & tech companies where we invested in 

Other Product Solutions:

Increase Your Marketshare

Increase your market share with the CHD Foodservice Database and access over 8.5 mio global foodservice operators. Find the data that best suits your needs.

Increase your conversionrate

Increase your conversion rate and don’t want to waste time on leads who are not serious. So how do you filter through the noise to locate the best leads?

Prospects the right leads

Get in the right door faster. Have a clean dataset that is actionable, consistent and accurate. Match your data with our dataset, as restaurants are opening & closing all the time.