Prospects the right leads

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Get in the right door faster

Did you know that before COVID19 every month 4,000 restaurants are opening & closings in the US?

Now, the world has changed, and we see a declining new business landscape. Its important for you to get in as first in the right door!

Result: most internal database will have duplications, gaps, out-of-date records, inconsistencies, human errors, or other inaccuracies within the database.

Update your data! Here’s how it works:

  • We identify duplicates
  • We develop a more consistent look & format to your data
  • We match your dataset to our CHD foodservice database
  • We flag closed operators

Update your data and get in the right door! 


> 8.5 Million

Updated Records


Unique Attributers


Pre-Open Data


Social Reviews

Other Product Solutions:

Increase Your Marketshare

Increase your market share with the CHD Foodservice Database and access over 8.5 mio global foodservice operators. Find the data that best suits your needs.

Increase your conversionrate

Increase your conversion rate and don’t want to waste time on leads who are not serious. So how do you filter through the noise to locate the best leads?

Prospects the right leads

Get in the right door faster. Have a clean dataset that is actionable, consistent and accurate. Match your data with our dataset, as restaurants are opening & closing all the time.