Do You Want
That Bigger
Bite ?

Access Over 8.5 Million Global FoodService

Get Actionable
Leads Today!

Get Actionable
Leads Today!

CHD Expert is the global marketing intelligence company
that can increase your market share or your conversion rate
by accessing our comprehensive foodservice database.

8.5 Million Leads,
60+ Countries,
50+ Attributes.

Access CHD’s Exclusive Database containing over
8.5 million foodservice leads
, 60+ countries , 50+ attributes.

With higher quality sales leads and deeper company
at your fingertips, sellers will be empowered to spend
less time searching
and more time selling .

Your market or conversion rate will increase .

Each Department Has Deals
To Close & Goals To Meet.

How can CHD help commercial teams?
Find new contacts in our foodservice database and turn prospects into customers with
strategic targeting, informed sales conversation, enhanced sales and marketing productivity.
Increase your market share with the CHD Foodservice Database and access over 8.5 mio global foodservice operators. Find the data that best suits your needs.

Increase your conversion rate and don’t want to waste time on leads who are not serious. So how do you filter through the noise to locate the best leads? 

Get in the right door faster. Have a clean dataset that is actionable, consistent and accurate.  Match your data with our dataset, as restaurants are opening & closing all the time.

How CHD Expert Works ?

Increase Your Market Rate!
The CHD Database tool is a sales acceleration solution that provides a faster path from prospect to profitable relationship by leveraging data and analytics.

B2B sales professionals can engage faster with customers to grow their business.

Customer Satisfaction.
Our Priority.

Jot Condie
President & CEO

The California Restaurant Association

“We are very pleased to work with CHD Expert, it’s online database has enhanced our ability to engage our membership, as well as nonmembers, in addition to providing better insight into our market.”

Aliza Levinsky
CRM Manager

Mondelēz International Foodservice

“We utilize CHD Data to segment operators in our CRM System and execute Direct Marketing Campaigns. CHD information is complete and accurate, as a result we have been able to better target our customers and prospects for a wide range of marketing initiatives.”

Erik Henry
Director of Foodservice

Bush Brothers & Company

“I really appreciated the fast and professional service I received from CHD. The information they provide is very useful for me and my team, and they are very accessible when it comes to training and Q&A. I highly recommend them!”

David Stoneburner
Director of Sales

Ruiz Food Products, Inc

“CHD is helping us identify sales leads across the country that align with our go-to-market strategy. Our Foodservice Sales Team is now armed with additional operator data that we didn’t have access to before partnering with CHD.”